How Do International SIM Cards Work?

Most of us are used to utilizing our home or domestic SIM cards so much that when we travel, we often call our network provider and ask them to activate roaming. Roaming is a good way to keep in touch with your loved ones when you are on a business or pleasure trip in another country or continent, but it racks up unnecessary charges in your monthly bill.

You might be telling yourself, "Oh! I’ll just buy a local SIM when I land in Paris." Yes you can, but it is time-consuming and almost a nuisance to buy a local SIM wherever you go. How about using a single SIM that works anywhere you go? That’s right; a SIM like that exists and it is called an International SIM card.


How Do They Work?

International SIM cards are quite different from local SIM cards. A local SIM card is programmed to work on only one network which exists in a specified geographical location, whereas an International SIM is programmed to work on multiple networks in different geographical locations around the globe. For example, many phones in the U.S. and Canada are tethered or locked to use the local infrastructure as set by the respective mobile network provider.


Who Sells International SIM Cards?

Many carriers and companies offer International SIM cards; the mobile carrier from which you buy one makes bilateral agreements with other mobile carriers across the world, so that their customers can utilize their telecommunication networks wherever they travel to.


What are the Benefits of International SIM Cards

There are
many benefits to using an International SIM card, with the 
best benefit gained being the cost. You can travel and talk to your friends and family without worrying about the ridiculous costs associated with calling, texting, and data plans such as the ones present in regular roaming plans.

International SIM cards have various packages and plans with different costs. This again depends on what you require and what your usage patterns are for talk, text and data. With a Wraptel SIM Card, we offer low cost data, talk and text capabilities. And if you use the Wraptel VoIP app, outbound calls are even lower and inbound calls are free. Check our rates & coverages here. (Note: The Wraptel VoIP App is currentlly discontinued however it is on our roadmap to integrate it and relaunch as soon as possible).


Can International SIM Cards be Recharged?

Yes, a good International SIM can be recharged. You don’t want to replace or buy a new International SIM card every time it runs out. Hence, these cards can easily be topped up online with the provider, or through an App and with vouchers.This is extremely convenient for business persons and vacationers.


Are International SIM Cards Secure?

You bet they are! Similar to local SIM cards, international SIM cards are secure and possess all the necessary safety features such as security PIN, location area identity, phone number, contacts, text messages, and mobile plans.

Wraptel offers international SIM cards that offer low cost data, talk, and text capabilities in over 200 countries around the globe. Below are some
frequently asked questions you may have.


Does Wraptel SIM work on Verizon or Sprint Phones?

The answer is Yes and No, it depends.

If you have a World Phone from Verizon or Sprint then yes, you can use it with the Wraptel SIM.

The World Phones from Verizon or Sprint must be dual-mode CDMA/GSM. Most current smart phones have the GSM radio frequency and will work with an alternate SIM Card when traveling abroad. You can request Verizon and Sprint to unlock the GSM portion of the phone for international travel; which is the SIM Card slot on the phone where you will insert the Wraptel SIM.

If you have a Verizon or Sprint Phone that is CDMA only then unfortunately it will not work with the Wraptel SIM or any alternate SIM Card. The Wraptel SIM requires an unlocked GSM capable phone.

For iPhone users, most iPhone 5 and above models can use international SIM cards regardless of carrier. Learn more on which iPhone models will work with an international SIM card here.


Will the Wraptel SIM affect my phone or home cellular service?

The Wraptel SIM does not alter the functionality of your device or regular SIM card.

When the SIM Card is inserted all of your calls, texts and data will be on network providers where Wraptel offers service.

When you return home and put your regular home SIM back into your phone, your regular service will resume as normal.

To receive calls from your regular home SIM while using the Wraptel SIM abroad, simply call forward your regular cell phone number to your Wraptel SIM.


Does my phone need to be unlocked to use the Wraptel SIM Card?

Yes, your phone does need to be unlocked.

Phone unlocking refers to removing the network restrictions on a phone so that it can be used with a SIM card from a different network. If you're unsure of whether or not your phone is unlocked, contact your mobile service provider. Your home cellular service provider can unlock your phone for you. You can find information about your carrier's unlock policies by visiting their website or calling their support line. Click here to learn all about how to unlock a mobile phone.

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