Prepaid International SIM Card

get connected on the worlds fastest & most reliable mobile networks

The Wraptel International SIM Card offers low cost talk, text and data in over 200 countries.

  • Choose an eSIM or Traditional SIM Card
  • No contracts. No monthly fees
  • Keep your unused airtime for future trips. Your International SIM Card does not expire
  • 4G LTE 3G Data Speeds
  • Data is charged in 10kb increments
  • Receive SMS texts for free in all countries 
  • Add a US, Canadian or UK phone number
  • Mobile Service on over 400 Global Networks for Voice, SMS and Data
  • Includes a VoIP App with the following features:
    • Shares the same phone number and airtime balance as your SIM
    • Free inbound calls in all countries
    • Reduced rates on all outbound calls
    • Excellent Voice Quality
    • Voicemail
    • Call Recording
for business and pleasure

Fed up with paying high roaming charges when traveling abroad? Wraptel offers frequent travellers with a pre-paid international SIM card that can be used for voice calls, text messages and data in over 200 countries. The airtime is rechargeable and you get to keep unused airtime for future trips. There are no monthly fees or contracts to sign. 

In addition to cost savings, an International SIM Card gives you peace of mind when travelling abroad. If Global Travel SIM Cards are new to you, click here to learn more on how International SIM Cards work. And if you’re unsure whether buying a Global SIM card makes sense for your travel needs, click here to learn about when a travel SIM card could result in huge savings on your mobile and data roaming charges. Wraptel's international SIM card is compatible with any unlocked GSM world phones. See whether your iPhone can use an international SIM card here.

no contracts
no monthly fees

prepaid sim card
add airtime as
you need it

keep your
unused airtime
for future trips
what’s included with your

Our international SIM cards work on any unlocked GSM world phone, including most iPhones and Android devices. You can add a US or Canadian phone number or choose a free UK number. Inbound SMS texting is free in all countries and you can take advantage of free inbound calls in over 100 countries. For a limited time, get your international sim card at no cost when you purchase airtime

Free incoming calls in over 100 countries
Add a US or Canadian phone number or choose a free uk number
Receive SMS Texts for free in all countries
roam on over 400 global networks